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Angelina Gumowe

Angelina Gumowe

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Angelina Gumowe is from the Iatmul tribe. She was born in Kaminibit Village, in the Middle Sepik area. In this village women learn to weave when they are still children and for many years have woven a variety of objects such as pigs and small human figures. Angelina has emerged as a particularly gifted artist creating an ever widening range of the creatures that inhabit her Sepik world. 

She uses the fibre of the'gumba' tree. It is cut, soaked in water for a week and then spun into a twine called'manji'. Formerly the weavings were supported by a rattan frame. Angelina has developed the use of gourds as a basis for her weavings, and it is the shape of them that dictates the animal that will emerge from her hand. She says'I dream then I weave'

Angelina is acknowledged by her peers as an artist of remarkable talent. Her works can be found in collections in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Source : Alcheringa Gallery

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