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Ömie Artists (Inc.)

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Ömie Artists (Inc.) is a cooperative of Ömie tribeswomen barkcloth painters from Oro Province in Papua New Guinea.

Paintings on barkcloth, also known as 'tapa', are the customary textile of the Ömie. Women wear nioge (skirts) while men wear givai (loincloths). Ömie barkcloths are still worn today by men, women and children during traditional ceremonies which can involve feasting and spectacular performances of singing, dancing and kundu-drumming. Barkcloth also serves important purposes in marriage as brideprice gifts, as well as in funerary and initiation ceremonies. It is an integral part of everyday life for the Ömie and plays a critical role in defining their unique cultural identity.

Source and more information: www.omieartists.com

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