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Naka Blood

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Contact details Naka Blood
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea

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Naka Blood is collaboration of a handful of Papua New Guinean underground, home-studio, independent, self-made musicians/producers and MCs.

Through the common love for R&B/Hip-hop, they have banded together to promote Papua New Guinea's take on this genre of music. Naka Blood's brand of R&B/Hip-hop is accented with reggae and island music because of one simple reason -- 'that's the music we all grew up in'.

Naka Blood was created in 2003, originally called Kanaka Blood but changing its name to Naka Blood in 2007.  Their style of music can be described as: Hip-Hop/R&B, Reggae, Dance Hall, and Pacific.

Band members include:
Tattz – Beat maker, Producer, Rapper, Vocalist, Songwriter
iZAC – Beat maker, Producer, Rapper, Vocalist, Songwriter
Cap10Z – MC, Freestyle Rapper, Songwriter
Pits Black – Vocalist, Toaster
ViiD – Vocalist, Vocal Harmonies
Lawgii Lawgz – Beat maker, Producer, MC/Rapper, Songwriter,
Spree – Rapper, Songwriter
BlackBones – MC and Freestyle Rapper, Guitarist
Asingvoi– Vocalist, France Linguist, Songwriter , Guitarist
Epic De Epidemic – DJ, Beat maker
Daddy Kakii – MC, Songwriter

Source: www.facebook.com/nakablood

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