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Sana Balai

  • Sana Balai
Activist, Curator, Cultural developer
Column : History/society, Heritage, Arts and crafts

Aunty Sana (Susan) Balai was born on Buka Island, Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea.  She began her museum career in the Indigenous department at Melbourne Museum, 1997-2002, which led to her employment at the National Gallery of Victoria in July 2003 where she currently holds the position of Assistant Curator, Indigenous Arts with Art of the Pacific as her main focus.
Sana has acted in an advisory role on several committees including the Melbourne Museum, the Board of Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies (AAAPS) and the Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival.  She is an active member of the Papua New Guinea and Pacific Islander communities in Melbourne and more broadly Australia.
Sana has been the "glue" of the Pacific Arts community in Melbourne and for many years has supported, mentored, led, challenged and inspired many emerging and established artists.  Her passion for her communities and ongoing cultural investment in our future generations has been at the forefront of her work, providing a strong and safe foundation for many… to soar.

Source : CPAF

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